How to discover your face shape

How to discover your face shape


Certain styles suit certain face shapes, but how do you work out what a face shape is in the first place? Start in front of a mirror with the hair pulled back from the face and use the closest match to the guide below.

Heart: Face is wider across the temple and hairline, narrowing to a small, delicate chin.
Square: Jaw line is strong and hairline has a square edge.
Diamond/Triangle: This shape is the reverse of the heart and features a dominant jaw line and narrows at the cheekbones and temple.
Round: Face is full with a rounded chin and the widest point is at the cheeks and ears.
Oval: Face is slightly narrower at the jaw than at the temple with a gently rounded hairline.

What styles to avoid and which ones will work for face shapes

Hearts: Don’t go too short and says avoid cropped, full styles with too much height that emphasise the upper half of the face. What to try: A wispy fringe will look great if you want to go shorter at the front but keep length through the body of the hair. A chic chin-length bob is the perfect style for a heart shaped face.

Square: Stay away from pin-straight locks very long, straight hair accentuates squareness and should be avoided. What to try: A mid-length bob or layers will look amazing. Short styles look great on squares, especially with some texture and movement, such as a seductive side sweep fringe or a full, blunt one.

Diamonds: Avoid a harsh centre parting and shapeless straight hair. What to try: A messy crop looks brilliant on diamond/triangle shapes and will balance a jaw line, while a mid-length cut with lots of layers will balance and look gorgeous.

Round: Avoid blunt, heavy fringes or a rounded or short haircut. What to try: All mid-length styles will look great but keep them just past the chin in length, and short styles that sweep back off the face are great. You can get away with a severe side parting or a side fringe, too.

Oval: Again stay away from a heavy, blunt fringe. What to try: Long, loose and tumbling waves look amazing, or a sleek bun pulled away from the face will enhance features beautifully. Because almost any style looks great on ovals, you could be daring with a pixie crop or a sexy, textured bob.

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