Meet the Team

Sophie B (Manager)

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Qualified for: 30 years.  At The Salon: 25 years

Favourite aspects of job: Cutting for its instant and precise results, especially likes restyles and putting hair up.

Personality: Relaxed, friendly and artistic, busy and totally disorganised! Loves a party.

Inspiration: Trade shows and magazines, fashion shows and fashion magazines, various courses, and my staff.

Best Bits: Doing a creative job which I love. Competition work to push my fashion boundaries and working with a great team.

Days worked: Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Ann (Senior Stylist)

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Qualified for: 48 years. At the Salon 24 years

Favourite aspects of job:  Doing short hair cuts because of the variety of styles and perming because of the difference it can make to a style.

Personality: Cheerful, energetic (line dancing 2 or 3 times a week, swimming daily) and ditzy, and not even a natural blonde!!

Inspiration: Recognising re-appearances of previous fashion trends and putting a modern edge to it.

Best Bits: Keeping up with the fashion trends and tweaking client’s styles so they can follow them too.

Days worked: Monday, Friday and Saturday

Anna (Senior Stylist)

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Qualified for: 35 years. At the Salon 24 years

Favourite aspects of job: All of it, but I love the way a perm will add volume and hold to a finished look.

Personality: Playful and vivacious, a shoeaholic-the Imelda Marcos of Clanfield!

Inspiration: Trade and fashion magazines and TV

Best Bits: I love the mix of regulars (who we get to know so well) and gaining new client’s confidence.

Days worked: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Emma H (Senior stylist)

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Currently on maternity leave (March 2015)

Qualified for: 11 years. At The Salon 8 years

Favourite aspects of job: Colouring! I love the way it can be subtle or striking and I can put some of my individuality into the work

Personality: Sociable and chatty, family orientated and outgoing.

Inspiration: Magazines, TV, Internet and new colours developed by our suppliers

Best Bits: Listening to what the client wants and adapting their hair cut to what suits them with a style they can cope with at home.

Days worked: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (and holiday/sickness cover)

Emma G (Stylist)

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Returned from maternity leave

Experience in Salon: Started September 2010

Favourite aspects of job: Discovering the latest trends and exploring new looks with my clients

Personality: An enthusiastic giggle box and actually enjoys cleaning!

Inspiration: Catwalk trends, music videos and fashion blogs

Best Bits: Keeping clients happy & satisfied. Being creative.

Days worked: Wednesdays and Saturdays


Alice (Saturday girl)

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Experience in Salon: started with Salon in 2013

Favourite aspects of job: Lots of variety in my work, including competitions and learning to work as part of a creative team

Personality:  A little shy but growing in confidence, entertaining and loves socialising

Inspiration: Learning about new products that help to maintain the condition of our client’s hair

Best Bits: Meeting people and getting to know them and their lives.

Alice W (Stylist)

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Experience in Salon: Started in 2014, and has quickly become a valued member of the team!

Favourite aspects of job: Definitely colouring, I really enjoy creating individual looks for every client

Personality: I love to read, go to the cinema and following my favourite bloggers, but as I’m a bit of a romantic, nothing beats being curled up on the sofa with my man!

Inspiration: Watching bloggers on u-tube (Zoe Sugg/Tanya Burr/Louise Pentfold), Following the latest looks on the internet, and of course reality TV stars such as appear in ‘Made in Chealsea’

Best Bits: Meeting new people and discovering hairstyles to suit them, and helping regulars alter their looks to keep up with the trends.

Days worked: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

Tia (Junior Stylist)

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Experience in Salon: Started in 2013

Favourite aspects of job: I love my hairdressing course, and particularly enjoy the uniqueness of each individuals haircut as this allows me to be creative with my work.

Personality: I love my motocross bike- despite all the scabby knees! And there is nothing better than ending the week than with a good party.

Inspiration: Hairdressers trade magazines, reality TV stars, and films.

Best Bits: There is no better feeling than when a client is satisfied with your work. The hairdressing industry is so creative and I love it that no two days are the same.

Days worked: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (college), Fridays & Saturdays.