“Sophie. Congratulations on 30 years. I must be one of your first customers and I suppose it’s a testimonial in itself that I’m still visiting The Salon every month, but it isn’t. Why? Because not only are you an extremely good hairdresser but it’s also a pleasure to see you and catch up on family, holidays and theatre trips etc. Here’s to the future but perhaps not another 30 years”

“As a resident of Clanfield, The Salon was my choice of hairdresser for about 8 years. When I moved to Rowlands Castle 7 years ago, The Salon continued to be my preferred hairdresser. Sophie and her girls are very friendly, professional to a T, do an excellent job and are well thought of by their customers as a result. In addition, they are always flexible and prepared to go the ‘extra distance’ to accommodate any particular needs and make the customer experience really exceptional. Well worth travelling the extra distance these last 7 years I say!! (and I’d travel a lot further!)

Congratulations to The Salon on its 30th Anniversary and well done and thank you to Sophie and the girls who all make having you hair cut such an enjoyable experience!
Very best wishes”
Regards Martin

Hair a family affair

“Over 20 years and 4 generations later The Salon continues to provide a hairdressing service for family members of all ages, with changing styles and colours. Myself, Daughters, Granddaughters and Great Grandsons all find The Salon a welcoming and friendly place, offering professional advice and expertise.”
Christine Johnstone

“It is always a great pleasure to come to The Salon. The staff are very friendly and caring. I am always delighted with their work and go home feeling a ‘new woman’.”
Pamela Dunstan

Why do the Neave family keep returning to the Salon?

“It’s not just about a great haircut.

Simple = Customer Service, very professional and good products.
• Welcoming smile
• Steaming cuppa/cold drinks (occasional glass of wine on a Friday Night)
• Latest Magazines
• Good music in the background
• Relaxed ambiance (I feel relaxed and distressed as soon as I walk in)
Then there is the team of stylists…….they are
• Fully trained
• Professional and accommodating
• Have an up to date knowledge of ‘hair fashion’
• Give advice which gives me confidence
• Good record keeping system (which means I don’t have to remember what I like)
• Personal touch

Communication is key with us Neaves. The Salon team all have an understanding of each clients individual needs from customers with Special Needs – children included- through to high fashion trends which some customers require. Sophie and her team get to know their customers and their families without being intrusive. The girls constantly update their skills to satisfy all their clientele. They can read customers and understand when they might like to have a chat or whether they just want to relax. Personally, I love peace and quiet when I’m having my hair shampooed and enjoy the head massage – zzzzzz’s

Just a few reasons why we keep returning to the Salon! Thank you”

-Wilma Neave

“At The Salon you are always assured of a friendly welcome accompanied by experienced and knowledgeable staff, within a clean and attractive environment.

Having been a regular customer for 20years I feel confident that the service attention to detail I receive is always consistently delivered.

Well done to all the team that have worked at The Salon over the years and enabled it to continue to be a popular and sustainable business.”
Jenny Gibbs

“Sophie and her team have been looking after my hair for many years. The Salon is informal and relaxing- a place for me to sit down and be pampered for an hour or so.the staff are always friendly and happy, and make for a very pleasant experience”
Vicki Jones

Staff Testimonials

“I have worked in The Salon for 29 years and have enjoyed it so much. We all get on so well and always have. Sophie (and her mum), is a very good boss and very understanding. When the children were small and later, when my husband had a hip replacement it was never a problem if I needed to take time off. The Salon team are always given plenty of tea breaks, and of course have our hair done for no charge! As I have now reached the grand age of 72, I have cut my hours a lot and now do about 13 hours a week, which really suits me, especially now I have moved to Hayling Island.

It is good to work within a salon as it keeps you up to date with all the latest cuts and hair trends. It has also been a pleasure working with a variety of girls over the years. Our clients are all lovely and I have known many of them for years, which I love. Many of them have become very good friends outside of work.

The Salon is always warm in winter and cool in summer so is very pleasant to work in. The present Salon team are lovely, Anna and Emma H have worked alongside me for years, the newest recruits Alice and Tia are great, and keep me young in my outlook and working methods, and it’s nice to have Emma G back after her maternity leave. We often have passed members of staff pop in and get their hair done, its wonderful to keep up with all their gossip, even Karen keeps in touch having left for Australia.

We really are like a big happy family!”
Ann Hall – Senior stylist

“I have worked at The Salon for 27 years. During that time I have left and returned a few times due to family circumstances. I have many regular clients and have done some of their hair for so many years they have become friends.

Over the years have seen various members of staff come and go and have loved them all for different reasons. When we have our Christmas do’s it can get very loud! But great fun as we all get on so well.

It is a very relaxed atmosphere working in The Salon, and I am sure that working here has kept me younger, and up to date with all the hairdressing fashions.”

Anna Taylor – Senior Stylist